Benefits - Overview

With use of RebarCAD detailing software

  • Extensive library of bend types, Library of couplers, wire mesh and other bar accessories.
  • Complete with a library of bar shapes compatible with production software such as ASA, Soule, Pinnacle, Shear 97 and individual fabricator requirements.
  • Reduced checking required and virtual elimination of errors.
  • Automatic RC detailing macros, 3D bars, spiral bar and galloping stirrups.
  • Links to bar fabrication systems.
  • Customized to your Company standards, drawing style configuration.
  • Configurable bar shapes, grades, sizes, bending rules, bar marks etc.
  • Powerful schedule formatting options.
  • Fully configurable annotation such as bar labels, leaders, ticks & tag etc.
  • Built-in printed report for schedules and bar weight.

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